Lindsey and Joseph

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Our Story

Lindsey and Joe met in 2016 at a mutual friend's birthday party. They spoke throughout the night, and the following week, Lindsey worked up the courage to ask Joe out. On their first date they went to a scotch tasting, and despite Joe knowing almost nothing about scotch, they managed to hit it off. In the following months they went on various dates all around New York, learned more about each other, and grew much closer. The next few years included memorable trips together, getting their dog Millie (who is now the head of the household), and spending lots of time with friends and family. In February of 2020, Joe proposed to Lindsey while hiking in the Hudson Valley. The pandemic that soon followed was certainly unexpected, however, their love grew even stronger during quarantine, and they are more excited than ever to finally be able to celebrate with all of their loved ones!